Thai Boxer

Muay Thai ” martial arts is a unique sport widely excepted and well known around the world . The K1 , Ultimate fighting championship and Thai Fight competitions received overwhelming responses. For many years now world wide interest in Muay Thai has brought millions of tourist and foreign boxers to watch Muay Thai boxing in Thailand. This has benefited our country economically. Foreign boxers over the years have practiced and changed the style and rules from the original Muay Thai style and taught this way of fighting(boxing) in their countries, these countries have promoted this style fighting in tournaments like K1, Ultimate fighting championship and Thai Fight , benefiting financially from them.In 2011″ Thai Fight” from Thailand is ready to show the world that ” Muay Thai” is Thai culture, a beautifully skilled art distinctive to this nation and the number one martial art in the world.

 Story of MuayThai

The nation if Thailand ( Siam) was born and built up in 1238, Sukhothai its capital, 772 years ago.
The forefathers of Thailand created martial art called “Rum Mud Rum Muay”
now know as “ Muay Thai which is a science of Fighting, this skilled fighting gave victory to Thai warriors against its enemies.Thailand can be proud that this type of fighting helps to preserve its country.          Muay Thai is an art with the spirit of Thai blood line since its inception,
valuable in our heritage and culture and our way of thinking. With Graceful dancing style and hidden aggression,
10 body parts(weapons) 2hands, 2 feet, 2 knees, 2 elbows head and hip moving meticulously together
making a Muay Thai warrior a lethal  fighter. Muay Thai martial art is widely accepted from
people around the world as being near perfect and elegant mixing together science and art.          Since the period of Sukhothai, Krung Sri Ayuthya, Thonburi to Krung Rattanakosin,
all Thai Kings were warriors. They protected the country by using weapons and Muay Thai martial arts.
The King always led by example leading his heroes and heroines on the front lines to fight their enemy.
If their weapons fell to the ground they would continue the fight using Muay Thai martial ar
t ready to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of Thailand and their King.

          “ Rum Mud Rum Muay” has developed over the years from the science of skilled fighting
for war to martial art on stage. This is our culture heritage the way of thinking of our forefathers
that Thai people should be proud of and preserve Muay Thai along with Thailand forever.

Thai boxing was beautiful and storng Fight.because we must use every organ on body
At the time of the fall of the ancient Thai capital of Ayuthya in 1767, when the city was destablized and heading ofr destruction because it rulers were weak, the invading Burmese troops rounded up a group of Thai residents and took them as prisoners. Among them were a large number of Thai boxers, who were held by the Burmese potentate Suki Phra Nai Kong of Kai Pho Sam Ton at the city of Ungwa.

Somrak is a winner gold is a Thai first olympic game is a Hero of thailand in 1996.He is will boxer with Chong cross van dam is a actor superstar in hollywood


Somjit Hero Gold winner 2008 Olympicgame

Buakaw Porpramuk Thai Boxer and Thai fight Hero champion K1 at year 2547/2549 in Japan and champion Thaifight 2011
Tony Jaa 
Tony Jaa Actor action from Ong Bak,Tom Yum Kung 1 -2 (No Strunman Play True)

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