ThaiLand Food

In addition to the famous boxing punch. Arts and culture, a beautiful and delicate. Thai food is also a national identity. Reputed to have the most delicious in the world. Everyone recognizes the names of Thai dishes like green papaya salad, grilled chicken, Tom Kha chicken, yellow curry, Tom Yum Goong and Massaman curry.

1.Som Tum  Papaya is known to have in Thailand. Originated from the northeast of Thailand. You must be very tasty with grilled chicken. Hot rice and vegetables are delicious in many recipes such as Pour Tum marinade into Thailand. Thai Tum put the crabs and fish. And many others to try it.


2.Green Curry Chicken. Thai flavors are concentrated, with steamed rice. What meal would not trade it. People with other food such as soup and grilled and fried foods would be ideal. Taken with different ears. The menu was not there since ancient Siam.

3.Kai Tom Kha soup is delicious food. The smell of coconut milk, broth and spices. Smooth taste. Boiled chicken is good. Tongue, soft flavor. Aromatic spice nose. I immediately took to the hungry. Eat with rice and vegetable curry’s not the nicest.

4.Tom Yum Koong
Spicy shrimp soup with classical cuisine. Anyone at any age for any kind of need to eat and when you do not forget the delicious taste of it. The world’s most delicious food ever. Spicy Shrimp with water and condensed water. Depending on preference. I like thick water

    5.Massaman Curry  Becoming a popular menu. The rank was to go for “Massaman Curry,” The Thai restaurant has been voted by the mass of mankind everywhere, the food deliciousthose rankings ultimately first in the world of the ranking of sites, CNN, in the end of the month. 50 July 2554 from the menu.When Massaman curry. Most of this is that many people who still think I can afford to eat well, but then I find my Massaman curry is easy to find out. The market (you lose) because it has a few shops. He is doing this kind of beef up sales. Most Thai food is the restaurant capital of Modern Times.

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