Thailand House Styes

House is a house. Characteristics vary by region. By the early life of Thai people and Thai Express. The factors that affect the whole house with it, geography, climate, environment as a living. Beliefs and religions in the region, especially the members are.House can be classified into several categories, each category has unique characteristics, including Erืonecrืeagsab, Erืonecrืeagผok, to the house. Here we will assume the house is the house where the machines are most popular with a lot of use from residential housing for ordinary people. Ordinary people as well as the fundamental nobility. House made of solid wood machines.Most are built of wood or natural materials obtained from the local.As a way of both finished and Erืonecrืeagผok Erืonecrืeagsab. Can move to demolish the building to another.The roof is high. The higher the water off the roof quickly. And reduce the risk of leakage of the roof as well. The man on the roof will have a canopy for sun protection and long life. At both ends of the roof there is a peak known as “lonely” because that was before he was popular with the locals hang out. At the foot of the roof to prevent and ward off evil spirits and evil spirits ambassador to the house.The open space under the house and basement. It was originally the basement. I will not be left to fully exploit the potential for farming equipment. The craft is made out of the harvest, but often not used because it was abandoned in the flood season. The water flooded the basement, I can not use it. This is a residential area. A flood of favorable benefits to the Thai people in Thailand since ancient times as an agricultural country. The height of the house to prevent the beast that may come with a snake or a centipede, too.The house is a house is being extended by a new house in the old house. It connects using the “platform” to house a house together. For example, when a family member to build a new house near the old house of the parents are included in the same area.Of the house together, do not use nails. The technique and the technique of Erืonecrืeagsab Ekgaedืai.


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