Tour of Chiang Mai Beutiful Land.

located in a valley and surrounded by mountains which originate green rain forest plants and a lot of waterfalls. The variety of hill tribes who have settled down here for many years and the tenderness of local people with their magnificent arts and culture attract visitors from all over the world. The adventurous activities such as      elephant riding, trekking and rafting are available here as well.

Phra tat doi Suthep on Doi Suthep is a land mark of Chiang Mai
People in Chiang Mai tell Visit ” If you come Chiang Mai.but you visit Phra tat doi Suthep.Same mean you don’t come Chiang Mai.
If you think about Chiang Mai you will think Phra tat doi Suthep .
Three Kings MonumentThree King compound Phraya mengray king of Chiangmai. Por khun ramekamhang king of Sukhothai .and por khun hum muang king of Pha Yao. now three king is near Yuppharatwittayalai school.
InThanon Moutain and National Park
Doi in Thanon is a tallest of Thailand.This is a beutiful land . complete
Nateral such as Plant and Orcids flower and a lot of animal. Thai people like travel Doi In Thanon in November – Febuary because have low temperater about -8 ‘C .Doi In tha non in Aumpher Jom Thong .Chaing Mai Zoo
Chaing Mai ZOO have a famous Because This have a Panda.Thai people
a lot of famous Panda. Panda in Zoo have two . male is a call name “Chuang Chuang” .female is a call name ” Lin Hui”. Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui have a fat body.because Thailand have a lot of bamboo. This Two panda Thailand recive from Chaina. Thai Karen
If you study about Karen life you can tell guild .
Chiang Mai have a different thai people such as Karen people,Mong by he have a form culture different Thai people. Different culture such as Cloth,Languauge ,Child Play. some one Thai karen now will make money in Chiang Mai city. and some one stay in was born at mountain.There are a few things to remember when trekking in the hills of Northern Thailand and visiting hilltribe villages. To make your visit more enjoyable and for the benefit of the people visiting after you, here are a few things to remember. Hilltribe people are mostly rather modest, so please don’t wear revealing clothes. Shorts are fine, but not too short.Showing affection for a person in public is not part of hilltribe culture so please behave modestly.If you come across any items that might be of cultural or religious significance The same goes for people, you shouldn’t step over anyone laying on the ground or even over their legs.
the cloth making machine
The tradition karen tribe still make their old cloth to make the dress .It may take a few days to make enough cloth to make a dress

Karen CelibrationIt look like the whole village are going to have a feast .For the tradition karen tribes,only has a grand eremony ,marriage or blessing celebration then they will kill a pig or chicken .It cost about one to two month’s salary .The port is condered as one of the most delicious food in the mountain as well.
The tradition karen at Thailand Chiangmai The whole village has to help each other .Even the kids must contribute to the village as well.From the day they born ,they will live in this environvemt ,so the village spirit is part of their nature life . Everyone visit the tradition karen’s house ,they will be invited for a drink or eat the meal with the host

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