Koh Pha ngan is a sea in two districts of Surat Thani. Ko Samui is located to the north and drive about 20 kilometers from Pattani province Surat Thani, Koh Samui, a 00 kilometer world over. The terrain is mountainous in the center of the island extends from the north, down south. The plains of the west. The mountainous eastern seaboard Some of the creek. To avoid the wind at bay.

When the men named Ko. Do tourists both Thais and foreigners to think that Koh Phangan. This is a venue. “Full Moon Party” print at the beach party in the world. Which is held every full moon party is that it is 15 hours. I Phangan Full Moon Party is. Is aligned to the left. It is a fun party on Koh Phangan is the beach with a wide variety of beverages. With deafening music pulsating throughout the night.

Haad Rin Nok (sunrise)
Haad Rin Nok is the fullmoon party beach
on the sunrise side of the cape. Here is good
for sunbathing during the day and full of night
life during the night. Food and drink here seem
to be pretty higher than other beachs.

Haad Rin Nai (sunset)
Haad Rin Nai is the west side, fullfilled with
several high-end resorts, more private.
The beach is usually fairly deserted with the
length of 1 km, suitable for sun bathing.
Haad Rin Nai is near pier to the pier: Big Buddha
of Koh Samui, usually 4 trips a day.
Sarikantang Beach or Haad Leela is a pristine white sandy beach lining the western end of the Haad Rin cape. This provides a peaceful alternative to the bustle of Haad Rin centre. You may walk about 15 mins from Haad Rin. The beach is long white sand with mangrove trees along the coastline. This spot hosts some old and new resorts amidst the palms. It is good for swimming especially during Dec – Jan every year: the sea water looks crystralized.

Haad Khuad or Bottle beach is a half-circle beach on the north of Koh Pha Ngan. Named Bottle Beach for its protected cove, and known for quiet isolation on an island known mostly for its riotous Full Moon Party.

The beach is most easily reached by a long-tail boat from the northern end of the island, though this is not possible in bad weather. There is also a poorly marked mountain trail leading to the beach and primitive road which the owners of the beach’s guest houses will drive you down if the boats are not running. Good viewpoint is 30 minutes by trekking to the top, you will find Koh Tao and the wide blue ocean.


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